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It’s been a lo…

April 19, 2012 2 comments

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been running seriously. Last summer was good, even though I was running in NY where it’s around 27C, I was putting in 35 miles a week regularly enough, along with the occasional strength training thrown in. It showed too, I shaved 7 minutes off my HM time, I was at my lowest body fat % and didn’t really compromise on strength.

Then, tragedy struck in October with a horrible case of tendonitis, which took 4 months to heal properly. Following that up was the last quarter of work at UCSD, which left me with not much time (shitty excuse, I know), and I hadn’t been running for close to 6 months. Now I have plenty of time and really want to get back to running seriously. 

I have a lot from the past 6 months that needs to be undone! For one, I need to lose at least 6 kilos. And, need to rebuild the base I had back then. And, need to train smarter. I doubt I’m doing much aerobic work. I decided to follow Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan, and do it seriously this time instead of ignoring him when he says “easy runs”. Pretty much every run I’ve been doing I try  , and also decided to track as much data as I can. Before weight, after weight, temperature, mile splits, heart rate etc.

My goal for the marathon, whenever my first will be, is 3:56 – 9min/mile pace, and I used my Queens HM time to get what my training paces should be like. 


Easy runs: run at a 10:35 pace. Since I’m hoping to keep HR to a low low 70% max (155bpm) in these runs, I’m planning to go with 3 minute run (@9.5min/mile), 1 minute walk.

Long runs: 10:00 pace, 3 minute run(@8:30min/mile), 1 minute walk – keep HR to 170 or lower for these runs. Take the time, no rush.

Pace runs: 9:00 pace, 4 minute run (@8:30min/mile), 0:30 minute fast walk.

All of these are for decent running conditions, which are a bit lacking in Bombay – temperatures constantly above 30C and humidity easily 60% or more. All of these make all my paces a lot slower than I’d like, I’m already sweating buckets before I start my run.


=== continued later ===

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